All Solar Arrays come with an option of a web based monitoring system.  Different inverter makers provide different types of websites, and  all inverter systems make sure that it is possible to read the results of a solar system from off-site using a smart phone or tablet.

Click on the image for a closeup of the project.  Click on the button (Web) and you will see the production of the solar array. As always, contact Solar Winds with questions.

Michigan Energy Office
20 kW Pole Mounted
SolarEdge Inverter System
Starks & Menchinger Funeral Home
52 kW Roof Mounted
SMA Inverters
47.7 kW Pole Mounted
Solectria Inverter System
Church of the Servant
20kW Ground Mounted
SolarEdge Inverter System
12 kW Ground & Roof Mounted
SMA Inverter System
9 kW Ground Mounted (Wooden)
SMA Inverter System
Plymouth United Church of Christ
10 kW Roof w/Supports
SolarEdge Inverter System
4kW Roof Mounted
SolarEdge Inverter System
Ground_Roof Mount
3 kW Roof & Ground Mounted
SMA Inverter System
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“It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.” Bill Gates
“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” -Thomas Edison, 1931
Albert Einstein was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.

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